I really love this photo of my appearance cause I feel like exudes Grace, and for me there is no greater honour- cause that is "the quality" I am ready to give up everything for. 


I was born in this body on the 1st of December, 1991 and this information sure can tell you something about karma I brought to this world, as well as the life story I came here to witness. 

Earthly Ana is a seeker and a dreamer. A highly hypersensitive being, living with all the challenges and blessings that characteristic brought to her. Her purpose is to cleanse, understand, let go, bring closer, transmit...

Share. Awake. Inspire. Love. Enlighten....

She is committed to the process of receiving messages and putting them into the language others can understand.

When she isn't writing, she expresses herself through conscious cooking, photography and painting. She is finding a great joy in formal and informal contemplative practice, kundalini yoga, long walks, hiking, cycling, traveling... All these activities are helping her to get in touch with Grace.

She prefers to relax in a complete solitude, enjoying somewhere in or near her beloved sea, or immersing herself into the greenery, hidden in the depths of the nearest forest. She mostly hangs out with books, a few close friends or her loving dogs. 

Some will be interested to hear that Ana is the master of science in the field of Social Pedagogy (bihevioral disorders and criminology) and the author of the scientific paper " The effectiveness of mindfulness-based programs in the treatment of internalizing behavioral problems". She is also working on her first book and a cookbook and it's on her way to gain another certificate that will find a place on her "ego shelf": the one of the vegan nutritionist.

The others won't put a lot thought into all of this, being aware that stated just unnecessarily closes everything she really is... 

What they are...

And what we all, really and truly, are.

Let's create a better world! Let's do this now, and all together!