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  • "Words that Awaken" encouraged you to reflect or give rise to some new insights and ideas inside of you...


  • You have some questions or you simply want to share at least a few pieces of your personal experience and perhaps some challenges/ insights that spiritual practice brought to you...

  • You are interested in knowing more about intermitted or water fasting,

would like a recipe for that fabulous meal,

want to know more about wholesome, plant based diet,

need any advice regarding vegan nutrition or holistic health counseling...?


Take a moment of your time and write to me!


  • You would like to do good for yourself, your family, friends, our planet and  learn about plant based diet and conscious preparation of healthy and wholesome vegan meals more directly...

Contact me and join the "Mindful Vegan Cooking "workshops!


Giving is receiving! In order to emphasize the importance of unconditional sharing in this material world and making this knowledge available to all of you, I do not charge my services, but any donation is highly welcomed and accepted with immense gratitude.

I am opened to growth, exchange, cooperation or any kind of joint action, and even the possibility of it fills my heart with great joy! Let's create, act, learn, contemplate and travel this realm together!

I'll replay you as soon as possible.

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