Fire Of Devotion

Here is the fire of devotion.

Let her incinerate watever it needs to be destroyed.

What is it that you are holding on to?

What doesn't serve you any more?

What is stopping you to relax and "just go with the flow"- go with the life?

What needs to be let go?

Close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath and think of that situation, activity, thought or idea, that thing, person... that is holding you on. Make a bridge between your past, present, and future. Let them unite, while you are consciously dancing in the middle, just here and now, pure and fully present, observing whatever it needs to be observed.

Take a deep breath and realise what is it- and when you are ready, just let it go on the exhale. You can visualise surrendering it to the fire. Then say inside of yourself: "I am surrendering to the flow." Repeat up to 3 times, or do the practice for 3 different things. Notice how lighter you are.

Whatever it is- release it, and let it be. You are created to be free.





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